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10 Jul 2022

mnAI data reveals just 0.1% of companies in some sectors led by women

mnAI data reveals just 0.1% of companies in some sectors led by women

Understanding the gender make-up of the UK’s business landscape is an invaluable asset, with applications for investment and equality monitoring that is relevant to a wide array of users including those in the government, investment and financial/ professional services industries.

The mnAI platform provides a variety of tools to slice and dice gender data to reveal stark insights. This can be done by director, company or by other valuable metrics such as gender, age, location, investment history or capital.

Gender data: Just 2% of financial services companies are founded by women 

Using the mnAI platform to analyse the gender make up of majority-female founded companies reveals that just 2% in the financial services sector are female-led. While this percentage sounds small it is diminished by the 0.1% of companies in the energy sector that have a majority female board. 

Government Tenders
Another interesting tranche of added data regards government tenders, with new searchable businesses information – who government tenders have been awarded too, when, and a description of the actual tender itself along with its status and how much it was worth.

It’s also possible to see who has awarded them, such as Local Enterprise Networks, so search can be carried out by which regions are awarding tenders and to who.

Private equity funds back just 159 female led companies nationwide:

Using the mnAI platform it’s possible to view the macro makeup of all of the UK’s 7,760 private equity funded companies, only 2.5% of them have a female led or majority female board. The data can be further segmented and compartmentalised to reveal who these female founders are and what their other business interests might be. 

If we turn this data on its head and look at the make-up of the actual private equity companies themselves, we can see that 461 are male led, whereas just 39 are led by a predominately female board. Conversely 113 private equity firms are led by either a gender-neutral board.

Of the 613 private equity companies, there are a total of 1,478 officers — of which only 208 (14%) are female. Taking a deeper dive into this, it is possible for users to identify if these companies are more likely in turn to invest in female founded companies. 

The average turnover of male led companies is double that of female for companies in excess of £30m turnover

Taking a dive into turnover we can see that on average male-led companies have a turnover in excess of £30 million whereas female-led companies turnover less than half of this on average at £12.8 million. It’s important to note at this point there is a reporting bias, as companies with a turnover of less than 10 million are not legally required to publicise this data.

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