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Transforming Supply Chain and Investment Emissions Reporting

Introducing Artio – a joint venture between mnAi and Carbon Responsible to develop a solution to the challenges posed by Scope 3 emissions in the UK. By combining innovative tools and huge data resources, Artio can deliver analysis of an entire supply chain or investment portfolio quickly and efficiently – making the quantifying and reporting of Scope 3 emissions easier and more accurate.

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Scope 3 emissions

Quantifying and reporting these Scope 3 emissions is a key element of corporate regulation and disclosure, supporting both investment requirements (TCFD, SFDR) and corporate reporting (SECR).

Carbon reporting

Corporate carbon reporting is still developing and the vast majority of SMEs have no measurement that can support that or their clients’ disclosure.

Supply chain

Supply chain and investment portfolios can be extensive, and both can require considerable time and effort to accurately measure and quantify them – increasing costs and stretching resources.