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Fraud analytics

A ‘Digital Twin’ of the UK private sector economy with the power to help Government and private business fight financial fraud.

Sophisticated financial fraud takes sophisticated connected data and analytics to combat it. By leveraging advanced data analytics, Government and lenders can manage their process and meet compliance requirements.

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mnAi’s risk detection and fraud analytics software has been established from a unique and proprietary database of 9m+ companies and 6.9m+ unique officer profiles.

Using cutting edge technology, our Connected Data algorithms look for hidden patterns within officer networks whilst critical markers (debt, group structures, financials etc) identify risk.

The problem

Little or no checks are undertaken on directors when incorporating companies and with set-up costs marginal, the volume of corporate financial crime is increasing. Lenders and companies face challenges to evaluate fraud risk whilst coping with an increased volume of enquiries that translate into manual work.

The solution

A data driven approach to solving issues is critical to success. With billions of data points covering active and dead companies, our advanced analytics identifies sectors, companies and people of interest whilst enriching end client data lakes to support enhanced decision making.

The benefits

From direct data ingestion to embedded visualisation, our fraud analytics technology helps reduce workload, increase data accuracy and maximise operational efficiency.

Fraud Analysis Industrialisation


Our solution combines proprietary data and cutting-edge technology to create new, meaningful, and actionable insight by augmenting current data and risk markers to gain additional insight on new or existing companies of interest.

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Our integrated approach provides additional value-add by developing innovative solutions to mitigate and manage risk and financial exposure. Through a combination of our intelligent network analysis, internal and external data sources, our solution creates new, meaningful and actionable insight.

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Data analytics will help optimise workflow, client contact and develop greater data led processes. From simple API-based data requests to more considered solutions that include target operating model redesign, a data driven approach is an essential step for success.

Data in action

Industrial Insight

  • Sectoral analysis
  • Group analysis
  • Connected Data
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Debt and debt profiling

Company Profile

  • Hidden company networks
  • Hidden director networks
  • Resigned officer networks
  • Advanced financials
  • Grants
  • Secured Debt
  • Property and Land Ownership
  • Full company record history
  • Investment data
  • Registered and trading address
  • Corporate Investments
  • CCJ

Person Profile

  • Hidden director networks
  • Resigned officer networks
  • Known associates
  • Timeline
  • Address history
  • Shareholdings
  • Emissions

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