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02 Jul 2022

mnAI: CCJ and Government Tender Data

mnAI: CCJ and Government Tender Data

Getting to get to grips with CCJ and government grant data can be a valuable part of building a well-researched company profile. With mnAI’s most recent platform update, we’ve added even more layers to help on company data search journeys, so that there’s no need to pull data together from multiple databases.

Below we take a deeper look at the biggest updates, detailing how they are able to further enrich data-dives…

County Court Judgement data

Bringing in a wealth of new data to the mnAI platform, Country Court Judgements are now fully searchable.

Sitting on the platform initially under the ‘Secure Debt’ header, there’s the ability to search not only for whether a company has received – or currently has – a judgment, but also the dates that the CCJ was registered, and the value of the judgment as well. This helps when specifically targeting companies with high- or low-value judgments.

Elsewhere on the platform, the CCJ information is also accessible on individual company profiles, enabling for a quick view or registered judgments.

In the debt and borrowing feature there are specifics about the data, such as what the judgment is, how much it’s worth, when it was filed and its current status.

This helps with a bigger picture view, detailing information specifically about an individual judgment, when carrying out a search as part of a defined landscape from where more specific parameters can be investigated.

In conjunction with all the mnAI variables, it’s possible to create detailed, in-depth insight when getting to know a company more deeply with information around specific businesses, groups, areas, or even locations, so that users can make a better appraisal of a situation.

The County Court Judgment data allows a picture to be painted of a situation, looking at the affordability of a company as part of wider information gathering. This can also be applied to an individual director or group of directors who might have associations with other companies.

The CCJ data on the mnAI platforms is a live feed, meaning that there’s no reliance on pulling data from any other kind of provider – all data is in one place – so potentially researchers can be the first to see that information for a company.

This takes away the manual aspect too, meaning no more scrolling an xl sheet – information can be saved out as it’s wanted, creating unique data sets.

The potential to build hot leads through a very tailored approach is high.

Government Tenders
Another interesting tranche of added data regards government tenders, with new searchable businesses information – who government tenders have been awarded too, when, and a description of the actual tender itself along with its status and how much it was worth.

It’s also possible to see who has awarded them, such as Local Enterprise Networks, so search can be carried out by which regions are awarding tenders and to who.

Company search look and function
Basic changes to how the company search looks and functions have also been implemented, specifically adding in more columns, enabling users to answer more questions a lot faster about a company subset.

So, for example, employee count can be added as a column, meaning companies can be sorted and ranked by employee count, net assets and/or turnover.

Speed and performance
Lastly, we regularly issue updates for platform speed and performance, to keep it working at its optimum.

To further your own research in the quickest, smartest ways on the mnAI data tech insight platform, then please get in touch with our Managing Director, Ricky.Cowan.