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Data solutions to streamline wealth management

Identify opportunities to grow AUM, discover hidden connections and access consolidated, aggregated historical data through mnAi’s data-driven solutions for wealth managers. With 6.9m+ consolidated, master profiles, millions of active companies and technology to help spot potential capital events or exits, mnAi is expertly placed to support growth and reduce risk.

Tangible benefits for wealth management companies and their clients

Natural Language, Boolean searching allows for immediate sector knowledge and rapid identification of companies in new sectors or industries without deep sector knowledge – meaning mnAi provides the groundwork for advisors to deliver expert advice to clients in sectors where information and knowledge is comparatively scarce compared to others.

350+ individual search variables deliver meaningful insight and analysis in minutes rather than months. Detailed historical financial performance analysis rendered visually and made interactive when coupled with in-built predictive AI.

Industry Analysis

mnAi’s proprietary business intelligence software includes 300+ different charts, visualisations, data points and heat maps, enabling clients to make informed decisions in sectors and industries even when prior knowledge and expertise isn’t comprehensive.

With data covering financials, officers, emissions, diversity, gender, growth, geography and more, our insight technology provides cutting edge insight and analysis on every UK sector, industry and geography on a macro and micro level – all in real time.

Due Diligence

Undertaking due diligence on private companies can be time-consuming, expensive and slow – especially when data is context light, unstructured, fragmented and disparate. mnAi provides compliance teams with a unified, single source of data covering all UK active companies. 

With data covering all active UK companies, mnAi’s integrated digital first approach combines macro and micro insight with cutting edge analytics to make tracking performance simple and efficient, whilst advanced KYC is provided through our proprietary Connected Data networks. 


mnAi provides organisations and companies with in-depth and advanced insight into the companies and the people behind them. Our platform and data will help you analyse portfolio or customer risk and create unique insight into the SMEs you partner and work with.

Develop a greater understanding of hidden actors with our Connected Data technology. Augment and enrich current data holdings through our comprehensive and structured data set whilst building advanced modelling and analysis to create projections of existing customers.

New Business

With data covering all active UK companies, mnAi’s integrated digital first approach combines macro and micro insight with cutting edge analytics to ensure the highest return on investment. Generate market analysis, thought-leadership and in-depth insight on target companies within one platform.

Take advantage of our unique connections technology to generate warm introductions to new prospects. Upload known connections into your secure profile and use their networks to broker meaningful introductions that can add fresh impetus into your clients’ portfolios.

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Access unrivalled insight into millions of UK companies

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