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Data that’s deeper, more accurate and faster to find than anywhere else

220m statutory records. 100m+ data points added per week. 37m+ individuals and 9m+ companies are covered by one unified data set making mnAi the most comprehensive data source for UK private company data.

Data Gathering

From statutory documents and financial records to social footprints and contact details, mnAi processes and gathers data using proprietary technology from myriad different sources employing best-in-class technological solutions.

Data Consolidation

Prior to the data being pushed into our platform, our advanced technology cleans, identifies and then attributes the relevant data to matched companies or individuals. With unknown volumes processing in real-time, our technology is built to scale autonomously using serverless architecture.

Proprietary Insight

We combine our data lake with data science and machine learning technology to generate proprietary insight for all UK companies including: emissions, diversity, gender, risk, hidden networks, investments, family owned and many more.

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Data integration

Easily combine mnAi data to create a single, unified data view. From ingestion through dedicated API or third party services such as Amazon’s ADX, NayaOne or Snowflake, mnAi makes it easy to map and consume data to enrich existing data sources.

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Data science

For large data sets or those with complex entity resolution queries, mnAi’s data team can help uncover actionable insight through the use of specialized programming, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning.

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Data analysis

Our data scientists will conduct indepth data analysis to examine biases, patterns, ranges, and distributions of values within the data. This deep dive drives hypothesis generation and determines the data’s relevance for use within predictive analytics, machine/ deep learning.

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