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Data and insights to power financial institutions

Our data and technology provides banks and other financial institutions with unparalleled insights to make informed decisions, perform KYC, identify new business opportunities, increase customer satisfaction and support risk management.

Tangible benefits for Financial Service providers and their clients

Evolving regulatory change, pressure on operational efficiency and growth, and an increased focus on data-driven insight are dominating the financial services industry. From emissions and risk to new business; mnAi’s integrated, in-depth technology and data help drive innovative solutions for ESG, risk, compliance and new business.

Single Data Source

mnAi combines all main sources of publicly available UK private company data into a single searchable, structured database. With 12bn+ data points, mnAi’s core product is a data asset encompassing 9m+ UK companies that is updated and refreshed in real-time.

We offer end-to-end intelligent data driven solutions direct through API, platform or integrated technology. Our state-of-the-art platform is cloud native, easily accessible and contains all our data points. Our APIs are tailored to your needs and our technology can be directly embedded.


From supply chain benchmarking and early warning indicators through to detailed analysis and reporting, we provide data-driven solutions and expert advice to help our clients develop and execute decarbonisation strategies.

With proprietary data covering all UK companies, our products and services support measurement, either as part of ESG frameworks or for UK and/or international GHG emissions accounting and disclosure requirements, including SECR in the UK.

Connected Data

Connected Data utilises relationship mapping, linked data and semantics to create new insight and analysis across companies and individuals. The mnAi Connected Data database holds millions of unseen relationships between company officers and shareholders. 

Built in-house, our data can be used to support KYC, KYB, fraud analytics and financial crime. Overlay or ingest our data directly to enrich your knowledge of current clients or develop new risk models that identify hidden actors that would alter lending or credit decisions.


mnAi provides organisations and companies with in-depth and advanced insight into the companies and the people behind them. Our platform and data will help you analyse portfolio or customer risk and create unique insight into the SMEs you partner and work with.

Develop a greater understanding of hidden actors with our Connected Data technology. Augment and enrich current data holdings through our comprehensive and structured data set whilst building advanced modelling and analysis to create projections of existing customers.

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Access unrivalled insight into millions of UK companies

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