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Deeper data than
anywhere else

Exclusive emissions data for a greener world. More effective due diligence. Map diversity in your industry and more. Find out how mnAi keeps clients ahead of the competition in so many ways…

Connected Data

Connecting data to an unmatched level of detail and accuracy – all at your fingertips

Diversity & Inclusion

Every UK industry and company comprehensively mapped by diversity filters

Due Diligence

Financial due diligence more accurate and comprehensive than ever before


Exclusive emissions and analytics data to help drive a greener economy

Fraud Analytics

A ‘digital twin’ of the UK private sector to help Government and private business fight fraud

Insight & Analysis

Proprietary business intelligence software creates powerful insight and analysis

New Business

Respond to market changes faster through a data-driven new business strategy

Supply Chain

Automated supply chain benchmarking for you, your customers and your suppliers