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03 Jun 2022

mnAI: data tech insight platform

mnAI: data tech insight platform

With the aim of reducing the time it takes from months to minutes for investors, companies, or individuals to understand an industry, companies, company directors or shareholders, mnAI has all the data you’ll ever need.

The idea of data powering everyday lives has never been more prevalent in the public consciousness than it is right now, and that’s only going to become more intrinsic as we move into the future.

At mnAI, we set out with a clear mission: to focus on a clearly defined market and make it easier and quicker to use data through our platform to help shape and inform critical decision making for companies.

The Platform 2.0

Our platform is a single source of unified data, holding 10bn+ data points on 8m+ UK companies, which allows users to access targeting information rapidly via a wide range of machine learning algorithms and filters.

We deliver rich, real-time information on UK companies through an intuitive, engaging platform interface, which is about to become even better to use with the launch of our 2.0 version.

This will make it even easier to use, presenting the data that our clients are after in a clearer, more focussed environment, meaning that clients will be able to take data loads from the platform and insert them straight into presentations – even on the fly.

Data Topics

Our clients range from devolved and local government, professional & financial services to journalism & media, academia, and investors. They come to us for the wide-range of data we’re able to provide – including what many consider to be hot topics right now:

– Gender (Director and Company Ownership)
– Age (Director and Company)
– Covid (Companies in receipt of Covid funding)
– Furlough (Companies in receipt of Furlough funding)

– Financials (all balance sheet and P&L lines, bankers, advisors etc)
– Innovate UK (Companies in receipt of Innovate UK Grants)
– Import / Export (Companies who import/export)
– Family owned (Companies that are family owned)
– Land & property ownership (Companies who own Commercial Land of properties)

All of this can help Merger & Acquisition teams to identify new opportunities, accelerate deal origination and support due diligence via the quick and easy to use platform interface. Then we can visually bring to life every UK industry using our proprietary insight technology, which tracks all UK sectors on a macro and micro level in real-time.

Our company search facility has 350+ different variables, allowing you to quickly and easily find companies that meet your exact target criteria.

Every industry and sector visualised

From identifying growth hot spots to sector analysis, our UK industry data technology gives you complete insight into every industry and sector, helping to power our clients research and decision making – without the manual work.

With our insight technology across sectors, industries, and geographies, mnAI instantly generates in-depth, real time market analysis with amalgamated financials, growth rates, heat-maps, and genders, so that our clients can visually build and control the data in a way that makes sense to them – we also have interactive charts and maps too.

Fast sector analysis allows clients to discover the changing industrial landscape within a search, as real-time company information and numbers are tracked back over five years, giving an instant understanding of sectoral activity.

Through numerous location filers, clients can drill down into all UK regions, enabling their investigations to be carried out to a granular level: such as with postcode options, economic regions, and even free-draw mapping – which tends to become very addictive once discovered!

Gender analysis

With gender becoming an ever-greater focus, mnAI allows users to further their understanding of how gender plays a role in search-defined companies. The machine learning algorithms track gender diversity across all UK boards and shareholders.

Thanks to its billions of data points, mnAI makes it easy to identify all female founded companies, for example, with every UK industry and company mapped.

This can enable users to visualise diversity, identify and monitor trends, hotspots, and activity, as well as create instant gender market maps.

Track capital-raising companies

mnAI lets users track thousands of UK-based companies raising capital – and their investors – with easily discoverable data on 500,000+ companies over the last 10 years, as well as potential upcoming raises.

With the platform’s proprietary algorithms and search facility, users can rapidly identify investors across industry, sector, geography or even size and stage of investment. Users can also view unique insight into the investment ecosystem, from identification of companies that have raised capital to those that may need more, as well as investors most active in the space, and valuation changes over time.

Person search

Through our platform, it’s easy to target prospects and leads with precise person searching, harnessing over 175 variables to quickly and easily identify individuals that meet exacting criteria.

We can access millions of UK officers, including director, shareholders, and other high net worth individuals, from where users can do a deep dive into their history, across themes such as all known board seats, shareholdings, industry of activity, visual connections, gender and much more.

This enables users to combine mnAI’s AI powered search platform with enhanced due-diligence, creating the perfect go-to for any acquisition strategy.

To further your own research and due diligence in the quickest, easiest way on the mnAI data tech insight platform, then please get in touch with our Managing Director, Ricky Cowan and our sales team