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We combine data, technology and strategy to help organisations succeed. Whether you are looking to transform your data practices, reduce cost or increase efficiency, mnAi will help you deliver best practice for an ESG focussed world.

Comprehensive Service

With a human-led touch, we provide deep analytical, functional and systems expertise to support our clients transform their operations. From operational challenges to data led strategies, we use technology and data to enhance knowledge, thinking and best practice.

Bespoke Solutions

Business today is anything but usual. With new challenges and rapidly changing targets, we work with some of the biggest names across industry to help drive data-led innovation and change. We don’t do bland and you’ll find the only thing that’s standard about us is our proven methodology.

Game-Changing Data

Crucially, our solutions do not need your data. Our aim is to deliver change across your whole organisation and with every active UK company tracked in real-time, our focus lies in transforming your operations by enriching what you have, not telling you what you know.

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Digital transformation

We can call upon expertise from our in-house team of technologists, data scientists and developers to rapidly accelerate thinking through a customer and industry lens to help deliver efficiency, agility and profitable growth.

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Multiplier effect

We have proven a multiplier effect from optimising the sum of the parts, not just the individual pieces. To do so, we listen. Our holistic approach ensures that the voices of all stakeholders are considered; developing solutions that fit the entire organisation, not just a department.


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The ESG focus

As ESG innovators, we can help. We work closely with you to contextualise your ambitions that will shape your long term aspirations, delivering data rich solutions that translate your requirements into measurable output.

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