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Create new products and services through partnerships and joint ventures

Take advantage of mnAi’s data, technology and expertise to accelerate access to new markets, products or services quickly and efficiently.


mnAi is the UK’s pre-eminent specialist in private company data. From industry insight and analysis to technical expertise and know-how; we don’t just bring data, we also bring the skills and knowledge required to maximise the opportunity.


Developing products and services is an iterative process, requiring constant feedback from all stakeholders to ensure successful product delivery. With a dedicated team of UX and UI specialists, we put design thinking at the heart of all partnerships.


New products and services required dedicated teams to successful support all aspects of operation. With a proven track record in integrating solutions and developing products and services, mnAi is proud to work with some of the world’s best-known brands.

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With insight and analysis covering geographies, markets and sectors, mnAi’s business intelligence software can be used to support critical thinking and decision making prior to any commitment being made.

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Shared costs

Depending on the opportunity, mnAi can offset costs associated with data, technology and/ or personnel in return for larger commercial returns or equity participation.

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From access to new markets, increased capacity, shared costs and greater resources; a partnership or joint venture with mnAi will decrease risk and increase operational efficiency.

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