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Supporting investment decisions through actionable data

Our cutting-edge technology provides unique insight into the investment eco-system. From identification of companies that have raised capital through to those who might; track changes over time, active investors, location, emissions, gender and more.

Tangible benefits for Investors

From integrated solutions that support macro and micro decision making through to enhanced deal-origination and due diligence; mnAi is a single source of unique data on UK private companies. Take advantage of our proprietary algorithms to further your understanding of the investment landscape. Build and control data in a way that makes sense to you. Explore interactive charts and maps, discovering investment insight on industries, sectors, regions, demographics, emissions and more.

Deal Origination

With hundreds of data variables available covering critical factors including ESG, gender, risk, debt and growth; accelerate deal sourcing and target identification through mnAi’s unique data and technology. 

Upload connections to map the quickest route to prospects, identify new markets, compare companies and visualise competitive landscapes whilst creating and sharing custom watchlists between colleagues or departments. 

Portfolio Management

Leverage mnAi’s advanced data capability to power bespoke management reporting through our embedded visualisations and analytics. Built with input from all key stakeholder groups, we build integrated solutions to create a structured, unified view of your investment or customer portfolio.

From macroeconomics to environmental analysis, our portfolio management technology highlights the factors influencing your investment or customer portfolio, providing you with in-depth analysis to support internal and external reporting.

Single Data Source

mnAi combines all main sources of publicly available UK private company data into a single searchable, structured database. With 12bn+ data points, mnAi’s core product is a data asset encompassing 9m+ UK companies that is updated and refreshed in real-time.

We offer end-to-end intelligent data driven solutions direct through API, platform or integrated technology. Our state-of-the-art platform is cloud native, easily accessible and contains all our data points. Our APIs are tailored to your needs and our technology can be directly embedded.

Industry Analysis

mnAi’s proprietary business intelligence software includes 300+ different charts, visualisations, data points and heat maps, enabling clients to make informed decisions in sectors and industries even when prior knowledge and expertise isn’t comprehensive.

With data covering financials, officers, emissions, diversity, gender, growth, geography and more, our Insight technology provides cutting edge insight and analysis on every UK sector, industry and geography on a macro and micro level – all in real time.

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Access unrivalled insight into millions of UK companies

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