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Data-driven growth

Respond to market changes faster through a data-driven new business strategy. By harnessing mnAi’s advanced data analytics, organisations and companies can quickly and efficiently detect new opportunities across markets and sectors.

Our solution combines proprietary data and powerful technology to create new, clear actionable insights that will reduce risk, decrease operational expenditure and increase the chances of a successful Net-Zero transformation.

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Data-Driven Delivery


From ESG to growth, scale your outreach programme through a data-driven methodology


Enrich your CRM systems with real-time data to ensure you’re always up to date with client developments


Using hundreds of variables, generate high quality leads and identify the right decision makers to support your next phase of growth

The problem

A lack of real-time data on prospective markets or sectors can be highly damaging to sales success, especially when new products or services are being considered. Given the scarcity of data on private market companies, these factors can be amplified if the right due diligence isn’t properly undertaken on prospective customers.

The solution

With data covering all active UK companies, mnAi’s integrated digital first approach combines macro and micro insight with cutting edge analytics to ensure the highest return on investment. Generate market analysis, thought-leadership and in-depth insight on target companies within one platform.

The benefits

Rapid results instantly highlight sectors and markets of interest whilst detailed financial and governance records provide additional context to support the decision making process.

New Business Connections


Take advantage of our unique Connections technology to generate warm introductions to new prospects. Upload known connections into your secure profile and use their networks to broker meaningful introductions.

New business timing


Track opportunities using our in-built watchlist and news functionality to ensure that your message delivers at the right time and with the maximum impact. Create private lists or share companies of interest with colleagues to drive engagement across your organisation.

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Enrich your CRM with our data to ensure that strategic decisions are taken with all the facts at your disposal. From public APIs to dedicated end-points, our data can be provided on an as/when basis for companies and individuals.

Data in action

Industrial Insight

  • Emission profiling
  • Growth and investments
  • Sector analysis
  • Geographical analysis
  • Benchmarking

Company Profile

  • Company comparison
  • Financials
  • Registered and Trading address
  • Key business details
  • Officer analysis
  • Group structure and hidden director networks
  • Emissions
  • Risk
  • Demographics
  • Investment
  • Credit Score
  • Timeline
  • Corporate Investments
  • Financial State Aid and Grants
  • CCJ

Person Profile

  • Emissions score
  • Credit score
  • Known associates
  • Historical connections
  • Network analysis
  • Risk
  • Address history
  • Timeline
  • Shareholdings

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