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Insight and analysis

Proprietary business intelligence software creates powerful insight and analysis.

Develop a deep understanding of the external factors influencing growth within your target market, vertical or region. Whether you choose to build bespoke visualisations and embed these directly into your organisation or rapidly enhance organisational knowledge through our pre-made templates, our Insight technology will help identify actionable insight quickly and efficiently.

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With 300 different interactive maps, visualisations, charts and tables available, mnAi users can eliminate hundreds of hours of manual research by using our cutting edge technology combined with big data to generate meaningful insight.

From productivity amongst nations to growth within sectors, our Insight technology delivers a comprehensive overview of industries and companies instantly.

The problem

Generating data-sets large enough to support policy, research or analysis on private companies is time consuming, expensive and manual. Data is disparate, unstructured and often based on empirical research with limited reach and results.

The solution

We process millions of data points across private companies on a weekly basis, creating vast structured data sets that are easy to interrogate and simple to analyse.

The benefits

From research on female entrepreneurs to the productivity of companies across regions and sectors, our data provides rich insight and analysis on the contributions made to the UK by companies of all sizes; from start-ups to listed corporations.

Insight - Transform


Eliminate hundreds of hours of manual research by using our proprietary insight technology. Improve market knowledge, enhance operations and increase productivity.

Insight Develop


With billions of data points, we provide cutting edge insight and analysis on every UK sector, industry and geography on a macro and micro level – all in real time.

Insight Investigate


With data covering emissions, gender, diversity, financials, officers, shareholders, debt, geography and more; our insight technology delivers a comprehensive overview of industries and companies in minutes.

Data in action

Industrial Insight

  • Emissions
  • Diversity
  • Growth
  • Investment and investors
  • National and Regional
  • Corporate Group Structures
  • Influencers
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Demographical
  • Aggregated financials
  • Risk profiling

Company Profile

  • Interactive financials
  • Emissions overview
  • Company comparison
  • Interactive group structures
  • Interactive director networks
  • Interactive connections
  • Shared watchlists
  • Debt
  • Financial State Aid
  • CCJ

Person Profile

  • Emissions score
  • Credit score
  • Known associates
  • Historical connections
  • Network analysis
  • Risk

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