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Creative Pod

How a full-service marketing agency, Creative Pod used mnAI:

The commercial applications of mnAI’s advanced business and industry analytical software are vast and go well beyond serving just the finance and investment industries, as evidenced by our marketing partners; Creative Pod.

Creative Pod looks after a number of clients in a wide array of industries, ranging from an insolvency practitioner to an independent cosmetic surgery. Whilst it may not be evident at first, there are, in fact, several applications in these two examples alone that mnAI can be extremely useful for. In particular, one area is how the software can be extremely beneficial and (in some cases) crucial to managing effective marketing campaigns for their clients.

How does Creative Pod use the platform:

One of their clients is a wealth management company who primarily deal with high net worth individuals. Creative Pod wanted to run a campaign which targeted independently owned businesses, with owners under the age of 40, based in Sussex and Surrey. This meant Creative Pod needed a list of companies in a specific region that met certain criteria such as the value of the business, the growth in the last 3 years, and the age of the company directors. Without a platform like mnAI, this research simply wouldn’t have been possible (or at least without an extensive amount of desk research, which as a busy agency, they didn’t have the time to dedicate to). mnAI was able to offer the ability to perform this exact search and many more with an even stricter set of requirements and return hundreds of results in minutes.

Another example, was another of their clients, who were an Insolvency Practitioner, who were opening a new office in Leicester. As a result, they were keen to start speaking with businesses in the local area. Again, such an exercise would normally mean an extensive piece of desk research, however the team at Creative Pod were able to use mnAI’s advanced machine learning capabilities to research local businesses within a radius of 5 miles of their new Leicester office that were in need of an insolvency service. By using the endless customisable filters available in mnAI’s business search feature, they were able to specify exactly which type of business they are looking for based on hundreds of factors, such as business growth, debt etc , to ensure that all of the information that they are receiving is valuable and will benefit the marketing campaign.

Research like this was previously incredibly time-consuming for a busy marketing agency, particularly, one which did not focus on market research as a service. Any research that was conducted prior to this software being utilised, was also not guaranteed to yield any meaningful results for their clients. Now, with the help of mnAI, businesses and companies can be quickly and easily identified as targets for marketing campaigns for clients in any industry, leading to more efficient and effective marketing campaigns.

"Until we began using mnAI internally, I didn’t know how useful the software could be. The amount of research we are able to conduct in such a short space of time is remarkable and isn’t something that would be possible without the use of mnA I. When we tell our clients the range of information that is available to us as a result of using mnAI, they are blown away every time."

Sarah Lyons

Head of Marketing, Creative Pod