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Nickleby Capital Business

Nickleby Capital provides investment capital to help accelerate growth in high-potential companies. As investors with an industrialist vision, they aim to generate attractive investment returns by following a patient and disciplined approach, and aligning their interests with those of all their investment partners. From buyouts to turnarounds to off-market investment opportunities, Nickleby combines deep investment skills, experience, operational and management expertise.

For a small, boutique investment firm, they face the constant pressure of how and where do they deploy their time to maximise results.

What did Nickleby need?

Nickleby had been asked by a client to source deal flow in an area that, whilst within their specialism, was outside of their usual geographical area of expertise. Needing to find a solution that would allow them to fast-forward on the initial pre-screening, identification and due-diligence process, Nickleby asked mnAI to help them identify potential investment opportunities using our proprietary technology.

What was in the search?

The search parameters requested were highly targeted and included over 20 variable conditions that needed to be met to satisfy their client, including :

  • Very specific, multi location, of target companies
  • Age of company between 7 10yrs old
  • An exact number of directors
  • An exact age match of one of the directors
  • An exact number of shareholders
  • Exact industry match
  • Net assets within £2m £4m
  • Creditors within a target range of £250k £350k
  • Debtors within a target range of £350k £450k

The outcome

971 companies were identified, saving the Nickleby team hours of manual research.