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Wharton School of Business

The Wharton Business School is the world’s oldest collegiate school of business.

What did Wharton need?

Wharton wanted in-depth data on c500 private equity investment deals over a 20 year period to track how capital events influenced the financial performance of businesses. Having tried to collate the data they required manually, it quickly became apparent that they would need support to track ownership, debt, and equity events at the level of detail they required.

What was in the search?

The criteria outlined by Wharton was very broad and varied. They required historical analysis over a 20yr period, including corporate group structures and ownerships, while debt and equity events along with intra-company loans were also needed. In addition, ownership of some groups had changed mid-cycle and the platform had to reflect these changes.

The outcome

  • Delivered data on over 2,000 financial transactions over a 20yr period.
  • Bespoke report that highlights how capital injections can influence the trajectory of a business.
  • Each company tracked to a granular level across P & L and balance sheets.