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all UK industries

Search and discover industry insight in minutes.

With data covering financials, officers, shareholders, gender and geography, our Insight technology delivers a comprehensive overview of industries and companies in minutes.

Amazing Insight into every
UK industry and company.

Eliminate hundreds of hours of manual research by using our proprietary Insight technology. Improve market knowledge, enhance operations and increase productivity.

With billions of data points, we provide cutting edge insight and analysis on every UK sector, industry and geography on a micro and macro level – all in real time.

Your Insight toolbox

Company Data and industry landscape

Discover the changing industrial landscape within your search. With real-time company formation and administration numbers, and director & secretarial appointments tracked over five years, our Insight technology provides users with an instant understanding of sectoral activity.

Interactive insight Modelling

Build and control the data in a way that makes sense to you. Explore interactive charts and maps, discovering insight on industries, sectors, regions and much more.

mnai region insight

Gender Analysis across all industries

Take advantage of our proprietary algorithms to further your understanding of how gender plays a role in the companies within your search.

UK industry data platform

Financial analysis and modelling on industries

With 55m complete financial records covering 6.5m+ UK companies, mnAI provides users with the ability to understand macro and micro economic trends quickly and easily.

Profit and Loss Analysis

Profit and Loss is a key financial statement for businesses and allows analysts to easily understand how companies and industries are operating. Users can now identify P+L performance across all the various UK industries instantly.

mnAI insight profit and loss

Regional and national UK industry growth trends

Understand local trends using our free-draw mapping technology to create bespoke geographical searches based on a specific location rather than postcode or town.

Unlimited Users for unlimited insight

With unlimited data at the core of our service, your team can quickly and easily access and assess new industry verticals, accelerating their understanding and expertise.

mnAI shareholders

Accessibility for teams

Access all information using mnAI’s integrated API, or take advantage of our CSV and PDF export functionality.

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We’re on a mission to minimise the time it takes to identify target investment opportunities, understand exit values, complete the initial due diligence process and provide in-depth supporting analysis to accompany any investment thesis. mnAI supports investment activities across the following sectors:
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