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UK company data, insights and analytics for an ESG world

With 12bn+ data points, mnAi’s core product is a data asset encompassing 11m+ UK companies and 37m+ people that is updated and refreshed in real-time. Our unique insight on hard-to-find data points including emissions, diversity, gender, productivity, investment, debt, grants, financials and more, helps improve decision making, increases efficiency and removes complexity.

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Data in action

mnAi specialises in providing hard-to-find data on UK private companies. With 340 different data fields, historical information is complemented by cutting-edge technology to create unique and proprietary data available through API, platform and visualisations.


Carbon metrics for companies and people


Gender, ethnicity, age


Sector or keyword

Key details

Employee numbers, company age, family owned and status

Registered address

Free-draw, national, regional, postcodes and DEFRA

Trading address

Single or multi-site in addition to standard address variables

Balance sheet

Predicted turnover and aggregated, historical balance sheet financials

Profit and loss

Aggregated and historical profit and loss financials


Family, Angel, Corporate, VC and PE investment

Financial analysis

Grants, tenders, state aid


Credit score, charges, debt and CCJs

Engagement model

With a diverse customer base, we recognise that what works for one may not work for another. From platform access to API, discover more about the ways you could reduce cost and increase efficiency with our data driven solutions by clicking on each icon.


Data access can be provided directly through our own API functionality or through third party integrators. Where direct API access is provided, these are developed on a per client basis and provide bespoke access to the mnAi data set. Includes:

  • All mnAi data fields
  • Real-time updates
  • Connected Data
  • ADX integration
  • NayaOne integration
  • Snowflake integration


With in-house experts leveraged to support all phases of discovery from requirement gathering to analysis, mnAi provides an end-to-end data driven solution to support your requirements. Includes:

  • All mnAi data fields
  • Narrative and analysis
  • Data and methodology
  • Visualisations
  • Integrated solutions


mnAi can help augment and enrich current data-lakes through the provision of data on a single-batch, multi-batch or real-time basis. Our “data-as-a-service” provides complete flexibility for any data needs. Includes:

  • All mnAi data fields
  • Data storage and integration
  • Curated data sets
  • Data cleansing and analytics
  • Data science
  • Data modelling


From strategic partnerships to joint ventures, combining resources and expertise can often increase productivity and maximise returns. We believe in creating best-in-class solutions to:

  • Enhance commercial opportunities
  • Build new products and services
  • Enrich datasets
  • Develop new technology


Our self-service, state of the art platform is licenced on a per-user basis and is cloud native. Containing all data points and integrated visualisations, our tiered data solution ensures you only consume what you need. Includes:

  • All mnAi data fields
  • In-house Business Intelligence software covering 300+ visualisations
  • Company comparison
  • Full export capability
  • List management
  • Real-time updates and alerts


mnAi’s technology and visualisations can be embedded or white-labelled depending on client need. From data extraction algorithms to integrated dashboards, our technology can help increase operational efficiency and reduce cost. Includes:

  • All mnAi data fields
  • Bespoke visualisations
  • Dashboards
  • Data ingestion and extraction
  • OCR
  • CRM integration

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"We engaged mnAi to provide a detailed understanding of the UK SME market ahead of our banking licence application. We were delighted with their support."

Sean Kiernan

CEO, Greengage

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