The complete platform
for UK company data

Access unique insight on over 8 million companies

Data that powers decision making

With billions of data points across 8 million+ UK companies, our award-winning technology instantly provides and filters uniquely accessible insight and analysis across sectors, companies, geographies and individuals.

Accelerate lead generation

Our company search facility has 350+ different variables, allowing you to quickly and easily find companies that meet your exact target criteria.

UK lead generation software

Perform faster due diligence

Search across millions of companies to access in-depth information including their financials, governance and visual network.

M&A Software

Power unique research

Bring to life every UK industry using our proprietary technology to track all UK sectors on a macro and micro level all in real-time.

How the mnAI platform is used across industries

How organisations are using mnAI to power operations

Why use mnAI

Identify attractive and previously undiscovered investment opportunities across millions of companies.

Create proprietary deal flow enhanced by machine learning and AI powered business intelligence.

Network Analysis Technology built to visualise the networks of companies, directors and shareholders.

Machine learning algorithms track gender diversity across all UK boards and shareholders, with interactive results available at a click.

Rapidly scale your Due Diligence process with meaningful insight and company information generated in minutes, not months.

Drive and execute strategy through proactive insight. Understand market changes and the companies within them.

Real time insights and decision analytics enhance strategy and execution.

Understand emerging industry trends
and sector analysis.

Expand awareness of markets and sectors beyond private equity networks.

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