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26 Apr 2020

John Cushing CEO Interview – The Scotsman

John Cushing CEO Interview – The Scotsman

Glasgow-born John Cushing is the founder and chief executive of mnAI, which is described as afintech“revolutionising” the due diligence process for deal-makers worldwide. mnAI says it is the world’s first artificial intelligence-powered mergers and acquisitions (M&A) deal-flow search engine – cutting the time it takes to identify and understand relevant businesses and individuals from months to minutes.

It harnesses more than 55 million financial records of UK companies from the past decade, and allows users to determine future-based core earnings, for example. Cushing previously founded the contracts division for Probe IT. He then moved to start PPR Solutions, and proptech firm Opun, both of which had successful exits to ByBox and John Lewis respectively.

Our target audience includes private equity, M&A, wealth-management, family offices, property, professional and financial services – although, in practice, you can extend this to anyone who requires information on companies and related people in the UK.

Initially, the platform was designed to provide detailed insight and analytics at a company level only, but with an expanded dataset. We added bespoke industry insights and analytics that a user can self-generate. The platform also offers detailed information on officers and shareholders that can further be filtered by gender, enabling very precise targeting of an industry, companies, directors or shareholders.

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