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02 Aug 2021

mnAI and Greengage partner to create real-time UK SME market data

mnAI and Greengage partner to create real-time UK SME market data

Visualising the UK SME Market in real-time

Greengage, the first fully integrated financial services group bridging the traditional financial services space with the new digital innovations in crypto-assets and blockchain, has joined forces with mnAi, to provide their clients with access to millions of real-time data points across all UK business sectors. Adding access to rich data surrounding SMEs in the UK, will open up this information to their clients, to provide more informed decision-making.

Greengage is a digital finance pioneer that provides a platform of relationship-based e-money account services to entrepreneurs, SMEs, family offices, and digital asset firms to the highest ethical, secure and compliance standards.

Alongside our account services, we provide clients access to a B2B lending platform offering digital sources of money. Our tailored services are delivered by people, empowered by technology.

CEO of Greengage, Sean Kiernan, commented:

“Greengage are facilitating access to the mnAI SME data and analysis to help provide additional insights into the important SME sector, and to start discussions with potential interested partners to address the £22bn+ SME funding gap as highlighted by the Bank of England”. [3]

mnAI CEO, John Cushing, added:

“We’re delighted to work with Greengage. The collaboration is an excellent opportunity to showcase not only the power of mnAI, but also the services that Greengage offers to their clients, and we’re excited to be part of their journey as they continue to grow.”

You can access the data made available by this partnership here

Learn more about how mnAI has powered insight previously for Greengage here

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