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04 Nov 2020

Gender diversity technology

Gender diversity technology

Despite the focus on female entrepreneurship over the last two years, the process of Gender identification within the UK company ecosystem is still frustratingly manual and time consuming – up until now. Gatwick based data company, mnAI, has developed machine learning algorithms that track the gender diversity of every UK company by director, officer, and shareholder in real-time, with 9.5bn data points covering over 7m+ UK companies.

As an award-winning technology provider and largest UK source for company data, we are committed to identifying, supporting and promoting female leadership and entrepreneurship. We provide uniquely accessible insight and analysis across industries, sectors and geographies; from the analysis of entire investment or customer portfolios to national and local government initiatives. Due to our cutting edge technology, what would usually take months of manual research, can be discovered and converted into easily accessible visual data within minutes.

Read more about our new initiative The Gender Index by clicking here.