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01 Aug 2023

Connected Data – Illuminating Emissions in Supply Chains and Beyond

Connected Data – Illuminating Emissions in Supply Chains and Beyond

mnAi stands at the forefront as a leading facilitator of connected data, providing invaluable insights into the private sector’s emissions landscape. Through its ‘Digital Twin’ of Companies House, mnAi connects profiles, unveiling hidden inter-company connections and exposing emissions scores of businesses. This comprehensive approach empowers companies to gain a holistic understanding of their environmental impact and implement necessary measures to reduce emissions and enhance overall environmental performance.

But the scope of mnAi’s connected data platform doesn’t end there. In addition to shedding light on emissions data, mnAi also tracks the directors of businesses, creating a comprehensive network that goes beyond simple environmental reporting. This interconnected data allows companies to assess the influence and affiliations of directors within their supply chain, offering valuable insights into potential risks and opportunities.

Moreover, mnAi’s ‘digital twin’ of the UK private sector enables companies to conduct supply chain benchmarking and gain insights into Scope 3 emissions. These indirect emissions, originating from a company’s value chain both upstream and downstream, often contribute significantly to its carbon footprint.

To ensure comprehensive evaluations, companies can benchmark their own emissions profiles within their respective sectors using mnAI’s data platform. This process offers valuable insights into a company’s performance relative to peers and identifies areas for improvement, fostering a culture of continuous environmental enhancement.

The importance of connected data in assessing emissions and promoting accountability becomes even more pivotal with the impending 2024 European Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). Mandating large and listed companies to publish regular reports on social and environmental risks and their impact, the CSRD demands greater transparency and responsibility. Embracing connected data empowers companies to seamlessly comply with these reporting requirements, showcasing their dedication to sustainability.

In conclusion, connected data serves as a beacon of transparency and accountability, empowering companies to comprehensively understand, measure, and report their emissions within their supply chains. Embracing connected data transcends mere compliance; it opens doors to sustainable growth and leadership in fostering a greener, more responsible future. To unlock the true potential of connected data and its impact on emissions reporting, visit mnAi or contact us for a demo.