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19 Jul 2023

AI and Machine Learning – Partners in the Battle for Workplace Diversity

AI and Machine Learning – Partners in the Battle for Workplace Diversity

Machine learning has faced criticism lately, with concerns of biased AI systems. However, it is important to recognise that significant efforts are being made to address biases in artificial learning. One key front in these efforts is the recruitment of diverse AI teams. By ensuring diversity among engineers and developers involved in creating AI systems, a wide range of perspectives are incorporated, leading to the development of better, more inclusive, and representative AI systems.


At the same time, AI is playing a role in overcoming bias and improving diversity in the workplace. For instance, it can help mitigate bias during recruitment by modifying job advertisement wording to remove gender bias and attract a more ethnically diverse audience. AI can also analyse candidate responses to complex questions, fostering a transparent selection process that promotes trust among minority groups.


In a world where companies strive to enhance their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives, leveraging AI can contribute to their efforts. Through strategic use of technology, AI can uncover barriers to diversity beyond the initial CV review, enabling companies to address issues that cause candidates from diverse groups to be excluded from the recruitment process.


The Gender Index, powered by mnAI, is leading the charge towards positive change through data by driving progress for women in enterprise. With real-time gender disaggregated data, The Gender Index accurately measures the number of female-led companies in the UK, providing insights on gender, ethnicity, geographic areas, sectors, and investment types. This initiative empowers female founders, policymakers, educators, corporations, and investors with valuable information to make better decisions and promote gender equality in the business landscape.


mnAI takes pride in being a headline partner in The Gender Index initiative, recognising the transformative power of technology. The creation of The Gender Index has produced a national, real-time gender disaggregated dataset, enabling better decision-making by presenting DEI data in an accessible format. Real-time data provision will assist policymakers in targeting and improving engagement to enhance their DEI ambitions. With so much at stake in the pursuit of DEI success, it is crucial to embrace data, AI, and machine learning solutions. Whilst addressing the challenges we need to engage these potential catalysts for positive change, we should acknowledge the progress being made behind the scenes to address their challenges and drive inclusive outcomes.