Company Watchlists feature

Our latest platform update 21.01 is now live for all users. This update brings a host of new visual changes, new features and better performance to provide a greater experience. If you are new to us or want to explore mnAI for you or your team please contact us at to book a demo. Missed our last update? Learn about our 20.12 release here.

New Company Alerts System

Our new alert system now allows you to easy track and monitor changes to any UK company. This includes new charges, officer changes, updated accounts or changes to the cap table. From watchlists of acquisitions opportunities to your current portfolio, stay up to date with all company changes.

Company watchlists

Search for Family Owned businesses

We have now added new search variables that allow users to now easily identify Family Owned businesses across all industries and the UK.

Family Owned Business Search

Search for Investors by Keywords

Using our proprietary Keyword technology, users can now search across all industries using natural lanaguge to identify Private Equity, VC, Corporate and Individual investors.

UK company investors
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