Powering insight for Government and local authorities

mnAI helps local and national government teams easily understand business activity within their regions. From the visualisation of SME economic activity to analysing local companies, our data helps provide the public sector with meaningful insight into their area's business development.

UK business data

Why local authorities and UK government bodies use mnAI:

8+ Million UK Companies

Our software provides a complete overview of the UK unlisted market across all industries, sectors and regions.

Local Authority Analysis

From emerging trends to gender analysis, mnAI provides unique information and detail in real-time across all UK local authorities.

Levelling-Up Agenda

Our proprietary technology provides the opportunity to quantify Government efforts to support the Levelling Up agenda.

LEPs and Combined Authorities

Visualise data and information across all LEP and combined authority boundaries using our cutting-edge technology.

How mnAI helps local and national authorities:

Identify Businesses In Your Region

With over 350 search variables, you can easily identify companies that meet your exact criteria. From anticipated financial growth, specific director gender or age, location or sector, mnAI helps Government develop a deeper understanding of local communities.


Visualise Every Local Authority

From local enterprise partnerships visualising growth in their regions to Government bodies researching new company formations, mnAI produces interactive reports on every industry in every UK location.

Support Female Entrepreneurship

For Government bodies looking to actively identify and support female founders or businesses, our proprietary disaggregated gender data identifies all female owned businesses across the UK.


Bespoke Network Analysis

With our proprietary network analysis technology, users can easily visualise a company's networks - including the directors, shareholders and the connections between them.

'' mnAI's data allows us to identify businesses on our doorstep with great growth potential and reach out to them with information on grants, support, mentoring and events available through our Growth Hubs. ''

Julie Kapsalis - Coast 2 Capital LEP

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