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Despite the focus on female entrepreneurship over the last two years, the process of Gender identification within the UK company ecosystem is still frustratingly manual and time consuming – up until now. Gatwick based data company, mnAI, has developed machine learning algorithms that track the gender diversity of every UK company by director, officer, and shareholder in real-time, with 9.5bn data points covering over 7m+ UK companies.

As an award-winning technology provider and largest UK source for company data, we are committed to identifying, supporting and promoting female leadership and entrepreneurship. We provide uniquely accessible insight and analysis across industries, sectors and geographies; from the analysis of entire investment or customer portfolios to national and local government initiatives. Due to our cutting edge technology, what would usually take months of manual research, can be discovered and converted into easily accessible visual data within minutes.

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From Jill Pay – business member of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Women and Enterprise and Chairman of the Savvitas Senate:

“For many years there has been a significant gap in SME sector reporting: current and accurate data on women-owned and led businesses. For female entrepreneurs, the need to be able to measure progress, to identify markets, sector activity, regional differences, growth and trends to support strategic planning is crucial to enabling growth. For investors, the ability to identify female founded businesses plays a strategic role in the development of local and national economies and for Government, the ability to enact meaningful change, support those most in need and measure change is critical to ensuring the success of initiatives. The technology developed by mnAI is an impressive and major innovation that will drive forward the economic empowerment of women and benefit the UK economy.”

For mnAI, CEO, John Cushing:

“The development of these algorithms is an important initiative to support the female business community. From top level industry insight through to regional and local trends, we wanted to visualise Gender analysis of all UK companies in a way that is clear and instantly accessible to everyone. Our technology provides a game changing solution to the previously manual methods used in collating this data.”

An example of the wealth of data available is that there have been 2,558 businesses incorporated in the south east over the last 12 months with a female only board of directors. Using the range of filters available on mnAI, businesses in the south east were filtered by those that saw an increase in turnover of at least 20% over the last 5 years. This data set showed that businesses that had a majority female board performed better than those that didn’t over this period, recording an average gross profit of £14.65m, over £10m more than non-female majority boards. An interesting statistic from during the recent lockdown period between March – October 2020 is that there were 90,401 female-founded businesses incorporated in this period which is very encouraging.

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