Every UK industry and company
unlocked by gender

Identify by gender

Take advantage of our proprietary algorithms to further your understanding of how gender plays a role in the formation and management of companies.

Greater Due Diligence

With 55m complete financial records covering 7m+ UK companies, mnAI allows users to understand Gender driven macro and micro economic trends quickly and easily.

Increase productivity & reduce costs

Understand local Gender trends using our free-draw mapping technology to create bespoke geographical searches based on a specific location rather than postcode or town.

Unrivalled gender insight

From the identification of female founders, directors and shareholders through to analysis of entire investment, customer or supplier portfolios, our cutting edge technology provides unique insight into the people who power your businesses.

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Analyse UK sectors by gender

With real-time company information including formation and administration numbers, director & secretarial appointments, tracked over five years, our Insight technology provides users with an instant understanding of sectoral activity.

Search companies by gender

Search across over 7 million UK companies by gender to easily identify male/female led businesses in all sectors. Our company search facility has 350+ different variables, allowing you to quickly and easily find companies that meet your exact target criteria.

Company Search

Search directors and shareholders by gender

Our person search facility has 250+ variables, allowing you to find and research individuals who meet your exact criteria quickly and easily. Search across millions of individuals to access in-depth information including their known board seats, shareholdings, gender, contact details, networks and LinkedIn profiles.

Easily export all the data

Access all information using mnAI’s integrated API, or take advantage of our CSV and PDF export functionality to allow you to create visual documentation on an industry or company.

M&A Software
M&A Software

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