Every UK industry and company mapped by gender

With billions of data points mnAI makes it easy to identify all female founded businesses across 7+ million UK companies, allowing you to instantly perform gender analysis on all UK industries.

Company Search Software

Disaggregated gender data that supports Government,
Investors, Universities and Enterprise

Identify Female Business Owners

mnAI makes it easy to identify all female founded businesses across 7+ million UK companies.

Powering Insight

Our gender technology allows users to create instant gender market maps of all UK industries and sectors.

Visualise Diversity

From investors to government, our gender data is used to visualise diversity utilising cutting-edge technology.

Discover Diversity Trends

Instantly perform gender analysis on all UK industries to identify and monitor trends, hotspots & activity.

The power of disaggregated gender data

Identify Female Business Owners

From the identification of female founders, directors and shareholders through to analysis of entire investment, customer or client portfolios, our cutting edge technology provides unique insight into the people who power UK businesses.


Business Gender Statistics

Understand the economic impact of female owned and led businesses on a local and national basis. mnAI’s proprietary algorithms and search facility allows users to identify gender across industry, sector and geography, by size or stage of company.

Support Female Entrepreneurship

For government bodies looking to activity identify and support female founders or businesses, our proprietary disaggregated gender data identifies all female owned businesses across the UK.


Visualising Business Gender Diversity

Our gender technology allows for instant identification of female and male directors within a company network.

“Our economic recovery needs the untapped potential of women businesses. The Rose Review headline is that if women were to open and scale businesses at the same rate of men, it would mean an extra £250bn GVA to the UK economy by 2030.”

Julie Baker - Enterprise M3 / Catalyst South / Innovate UK Forum

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