Acclerating your deal origination process from months to minutes

From private equity firms to merger & acquisition specialists, our deal origination platform lets users harness over 350+ search variables to identify UK businesses that meet your exact target criteria.

Deal origination software

Why companies choose mnAI to power their deal origination:

Automating Dealflow

From early to late stage, our software proactively identifies target companies using machine learning technology to support all elements of deal origination.

Single Data Source

Multiple sources of data lead to confusion and fatigue. mnAI combines all main sources of publicly available UK company data into one single searchable database.

Proprietary Algorithms

Our technology helps deliver unique insight in real-time; from gender analysis through to the amalgamation of directorships and corporate group structures.

Enhanced Due-Diligence

From financial performance to company networks, mnAI provides Private Equity firms with insight into the companies and the people behind them.

How our technology automates your dealflow

Rapid Company Targeting

With over 350 search variables, users can easily identify lists of companies that meet their exact criteria. From anticipated financial growth, specific director gender/age, number of shareholders, location or credit scores, our private equity software provides unrivalled levels of intelligence on your next opportunity instantly.


Instant Industry Reports

Our Natural Language, Boolean searching within our private equity software allows for immediate sector knowledge and rapid identification of companies in new sectors or industries without deep sector knowledge.


Visualised Company Data

Detailed historical financial performance analysis rendered visually and made interactive coupled with in-built predictive AI, provides the opportunity for deal-origination to move from reactive to pro-active.


Bespoke Network Analysis

Easily enhance your due-diligence with our proprietary network analysis technology that shows the universe of connections associated with every UK company, giving investment teams instant insight into the individuals behind the companies and their relationships.


Centralised Portfolio Management

From directorial appointments to company charges, easily build and monitor relevant targets and opportunities through our watchlist technology. mnAI is the complete dealflow software solution to help track and monitor opportunities.


'' As a company we like the system, and we like the people even more! The five different search options; Industry, Funding, Company, Investor and Person means you can get the specific criteria you require very quickly. Some of the other functionalities that we utilise frequently are the ‘Connections’ and ‘Network’ options. ''

Learn how mnAI can accelerate your deal origination process with a 30-minute platform demo

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