May Platform Update

Insight Platform, Gender Analysis and Shareholder Search

mnAI Insight platform launch

We are delighted to announce our new proprietary Business Intelligence product.

From financial analysis on a national level to real-time regional analysis, the platform uses mnAI’s 7.5bn+ data points to visualise interactive results that automatically generates lists of companies for you to explore, whilst providing insight and analysis on a sector or industry level.

With gender analysis, integrated mapping, hot spots, interactive drilldown charts and more, our Insight package has been designed for those who need, and want, real-time Industry analysis of sectors and regions to compliment the identification of companies through our advanced search technology.

Our new Insight platform is available now to all existing customers to experience. 

If you are new to us and would like to try the mnAI Insight platform please fill in our Trial License enquiry or send a message directly to us at to book a demo with our team.

May Platform Update

Gender Analysis on Industries, Companies and People

We’ve developed unique and proprietary algorithms that provides gender driven data, insight and intelligence across 6.5m UK companies, including directors and shareholders. Fully embedded across the platform, Gender is now included within your company, person or Insight searches as standard.


mnAI gender update

Shareholder Search (Beta)

mnAI users now have the ability to drill down on specific shareholders, identifying those who meet specific criteria and viewing previous investment transactions.

This data applies to private and corporate investors and has been built using our proprietary algorithms and technology to present simple Master records of previous activity.

Shareholder search