June 2020 mnAI platform updates

With our latest release (20.7), we have enhanced a number of features including:

The ability to customise search results and directly export these without the need to refine your variables.

Expanded company networks to include: click to expand director networks, shareholders and toggle on/off, active/resigned directors. 

Introduced natural peers, to gain a quicker understanding of direct competitors. 

Choose how you see your search results

When you have completed a search you will see a new results interface. You can now customise the columns and sort by the variables you want with an easy to use drag and drop system. This lets you easily sort companies by its P&L account, the number of shareholders or when it was recently incorporated.

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The living visual network

Within company profiles under networks, we have improved the visual network feature. This lets you toggle on and off active/resigned officers as well as shareholders. Double clicking on a company now expands its directors and shareholders to give greater levels of insight not seen before.

Private equity software

Compare peers

When you have completed a search and have selected a company profile. There is a new natural peers section under analysis which lets you compare across similar companies based on the search variables you chose. Easily delve into another company profile by clicking on its name.

These new features are now available to use for all existing customers. If you are new to us or want to explore mnAI for you or your team please contact us at sales@mnai.tech to book a demo.