the M&A process

Unrivalled Targeting

mnAI is the worlds first AI powered M&A platform. Our deal sourcing engine lets M&A teams harness over 350 search variables to identify UK businesses that meet your exact target criteria to accelerate investor operations and greatly enhance operations.

Greater Due-Diligence

mnAI users can instantly discover millions of UK companies from early, growth and late stage phases, the people of influence behind them, group structures, company financials, director networks, employees, peers and more in-depth insight providing unrivalled due diligence.

Improved productivity

Combining a search platform with enhanced due-diligence, mnAI cuts down the time it takes M&A teams to research businesses from months to minutes. mnAI is the complete data source on the entire UK unlisted market.

The complete solution for M&A teams

M&A Platform covering over 7 million company profiles

mnAI helps M&A teams eliminate hundreds of hours of manual research by providing complete and unseen information on millions of UK companies in every industry.

M&A deal origination Software

Financial Analysis on companies

Easily go in-depth on the company financial performance including their balance sheets, profit & loss as well as any hidden debt or charges relating to them.

AI powered M&A Platform

Director Networks and relationships

See the people behind the business with a visual network on the companies directors and their relationship to other people and businesses.

company director networks

Company Group Structures

Discover the group structure behind companies and the people of influence behind them, how they are controlled and hidden associated businesses.

company due-diligence

Shareholder deep dive

Gain insight data into the investors behind the business including their shareholdings and percentage of ownership.

Company shareholders

Peer & Trend Analysis

With 55m+ full financial records for UK companies covering a 10 year period, we use a combination of Bayesian Mathematics and Random Forest Modelling to power predictive algorithms that allows mnAI users to determine future based EBITDA and DCF valuations.

Employees network

Easily uncover the records of the companies employees, position, management level and contact details so you can easily find the correct route of contact.

Company employee details

Exportable data

Access all information using mnAI’s integrated API, or take advantage of our CSV and PDF export functionality to allow you to create visual documentation on an industry or company.

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