Powering business insight for
national and local governments

Instant insight

Harnessing over 7.5 billion points across over 6.6 million UK businesses. mnAI is the most powerful insight platform for UK industry, company and director/shareholder information. This allows public sector teams to easily understand the businesses in their area.

Real-time data

With powerful real-time data into incoporations and administrations across every location within the UK, mnAI allows public sector users the ability to monitor trends and activity within every town and city without months of manual research.


Easily and quickly understand every UK company and the people behind them for enhanced due diligence and research. We present the data in an easy to understand format helping increase your productivity. 

The complete solution for public sector teams.

Visualise every UK industry and the companies within them

mnAI helps public sector and local governments eliminate hundreds of hours of manual research, improve market knowledge, enhance operations and increase productivity. Explore interactive charts and maps, discovering insight on all UK industries, sectors, regions and much more.

AI Dealflow platform 2021

Easily identify companies with unrivalled precision

With over 350 search variables, local government and public sector users have the ability to easily find their desired target business. From anticipated financial growth, specific director gender/age, number of shareholders, location or credit scores, mnAI provides unrivalled levels of intelligence on UK companies and people.

Identify companies in minutes

Local governments can see sector activity in real-time

Discover the changing industrial landscape within your search. With real-time company formation and administration numbers, and director & secretarial appointments tracked over five years, our Insight technology provides users with an instant understanding of sectoral activity.

Venture Capital platform

Advanced company due-diligence

The mnAI platform gives investors an in-depth summary of company profiles to help perform due diligence. Uncover vauable insight and information retaining to the company not seen before such as the group structure, interactive director networks, financial analysis the companies employees and more.

Private equity software

Create and management portfolios

Get real-time alerts for any changes happening to your existing portfolio or potential target investment businesses to ensure you are the first to know about any important developments. Generate watchlists and establish funnels based on your specific criteria.

Private equity software

Unlimited data making team work easy

With unlimited data at the core of our service, your team can quickly and easily access and assess new industry verticals, accelerating their understanding and expertise together. Easily access the mnAI platform remotely to give you the ability to identify and source deals anywhere.

Family Office Platform

Exportable data

Access all information using mnAI’s integrated API, or take advantage of our CSV and PDF export functionality to allow you to create visual documentation on an industry or company.


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