Data that powers lead generation and market research

With over 10 billion data points, mnAI is a single source of UK industry, director and other detailed company data, allowing you and your team to reduce the time it takes to conduct market research, accelerate new business and strengthen lead generation. 

UK lead generation software

Why organisations use mnAI to power lead generation:

Identify New Leads

With 350+ search variables across the entire UK unlisted market. mnAI helps you quickly identify new leads to support your new business and lead generation campaigns.

Reduce Research Costs

We remove the resource draining barriers associated with supporting market research so you can focus on your clients, creativity and campaigns.

Proprietary Insight

Our technology helps deliver unique insight in real-time; from gender analysis through to the amalgamation of directorships and corporate group structures.

Single Data Source

Multiple sources of data lead to confusion and fatigue. mnAI combines all main sources of publicly available UK company data into one single searchable database.

How mnAI can help your new business strategy:

Understand a company in seconds

Explore detailed company networks including the connections developed by founders, owners, directors and shareholders; providing rapid research and due-diligence on the individuals behind a company quickly and easily.

Strengthen Lead Generation

From the identification of funded startups on a national basis through to the generation of all companies who meet highly refined criteria within a local area, mnAI helps accelerate new business and lead generation.

Accelerate Market Research

Reduce cost and accelerate client development through our proprietary market map technology which produces instant analysis, data and insight on every UK industry, sector and location.

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UK SME landscape

Support Marketing Campaigns

Generate innovative marketing campaigns for clients by taking advantage of our list building technology. From the “Top 50 Growing Companies” in specific regions to “40 over 40 Female Founded Companies”, (and more), we make it simple to generate highly relevant content for your clients.

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Creative Pod Marketing

'' The amount of research we are able to conduct in such a short space of time is remarkable and isn’t something that would be possible without the use of mnAI. When we tell our clients the range of information that is available to us as a result of using mnAI, they are blown away every time. ''

Sarah Lyons - Head of Marketing - Creative Pod

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