FAQ Section

Frequestly asked questions about mnAI, the platform and how we help our customers

mnAI is a data platform which provides rich data on 7+ million UK companies helping users identify companies fast and produce meaningful insight. 

We offer all businesses typically a 2 week proof of concept trial licence, with a maximum of 12 weeks to see if the platform is right for your team.

Unified single source of truth, technology, size and scope of data, proprietary insight (gender, network analysis), we cover all companies rather than a limited view.

mnAI is used for rapidly identifying companies across the UK and to produce proprietary insight on sectors and industries.

At the time of writing (April 2021) mnAI currently focuses exclusively on UK company data, in the future we will be expanding to include international company.

There are 2 elements to this, governance and societal. The governance data is taken from companies house, HMRC, land registry and Gazette, the societal data is taken from websites, directories, social media, LinkedIn and news.

10 Billion Data points across 7+ Million UK companies (as of April 2021)

Yes, we will support you and your team with all training requirements.

Pricing works on a per user per module structure allowing businesses to customise the price based on the number of users and what modules they would like included.

See how mnAI's data can help you with a 30-minute platform walkthrough

Receive a personalised 30-minute demo of the mnAI platform by filling out our form, alternatively give us a call on 020 3151 6624 or message the team at sales@mnai.tech