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The most advanced search engine for UK industry, company and director/shareholder information.

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We believe in a world where technology empowers decision making. We reduce the time it takes private equity firms, investors and financial professionals to identify, and then understand an industry, company or person to minutes. 

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With 350+ variables at your disposal, mnAI users have the ability to remove hundreds of hours of manual research through our proprietary dealflow engine. From anticipated financial growth, specific director age or number of shareholders through to excluded key words, location or online review scores, mnAI provides unrivalled levels of intelligence on your next opportunity in minutes not months.

Company Search

Natural Language Keywords

Standard Industry Classification (SIC) codes are no longer fit for purpose. Our proprietary natural language keyword search facility removes the guess work by providing the ability to search for exact keywords or phrases associated with the industry or sector of your choice. So whether you’re looking for BioTech, Plant Hire, PR or the next Blockchain superstar, our keyword search facility ensures you’re always able to identify them before anyone else.

Dealflow software

Precise Mapping

Our Free-Draw mapping technology allows mnAI users to create bespoke geographical searches based on specific location rather than Postcode or Town; and with the ability to run multiple areas as standard, searching for your next target has never been easier, or simpler.

Private Equity Software

Complete Due Diligence

From amalgamated financials through to director networks, mnAI uses the latest technology to represent data visually. Our software allows you to understand the power of the network through charts, tracking consolidated financials, including balance sheets, profit and loss, creditors, debtors, debt, shareholders, director and company networks, connections, contacts and introductions.

Company information

Peer and Trend Analysis

With 55m+ full financial records for UK companies covering a 10 year period, we use a combination of Bayesian Mathematics and Random Forest Modelling to power predictive algorithms that allows mnAI users to determine future based EBITDA and DCF valuations.

Dealflow software designed for all UK investors

We’re on a mission to minimise the time it takes to identify target investment opportunities, understand exit values, complete the initial due diligence process and provide in-depth supporting analysis to accompany any investment thesis. mnAI supports investment activities across the following sectors:
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