Accelerating Deal Origination from months to minutes

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From Private Equity firms to avid business investors, our deal origination platform lets users harness over 350+ search variables to identify UK businesses that meet your target criteria to accelerate investor operations.

mnAI users can instantly discover early, growth and late stage companies, the people of influence behind them, group structures, director networks, their employees and more in-depth insight.

Combining a search platform with enhanced due-diligence, mnAI cuts down the time it takes investors and analysts to research businesses from months to minutes.

Search Companies Fast

Our company search engine has 350+ variables allowing you to identify UK companies through their keywords, industry, financial performance, location, group structure and more helping to rapidly accelerate the deal origination process. 

M&A deal origination Software

Enhance The Deal Sourcing Process

mnAI gives a complete picture of the unlisted market containing millions of UK companies to identify acquisitions from Early to Growth to Late stage investment opportunities. 

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Faster Due-Diligence

Company profiles gives in-depth insight on businesses including their financial performance, group structures, director networks, employees, how they compare to peers and more.

Unlimited Data and Users

With unlimited access and users, investment and private equity teams can easily work together to identify acquisitions across the mnAI platform.

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Exportable Data

mnAI lets users easily export all data from company profiles to make business analysis quicker and easier. 

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Group Structures and Director Networks

Discover the group structure behind companies and the people of influence behind them.

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Identify Companies Before Anyone Else

With a mix of real time and historic data, mnAI makes it easy to understand which UK companies are growing and should be on investors radars before anyone else. 

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Trend & Peer Analysis

With AI predictive modelling users can easily compare selected companies to discover trends and how they compare to their peers. 

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