The UK’s First Digital Assets Merchant Bank

What did DAG need?

DAG Global wanted in-depth data to support their application to the UK Regulators for their banking licence application. DAG engaged mnAI to understand systematically the sectors and industries that they would like to offer banking services.

What was in the search?

The criteria outlined by DAG was very specific and started with a detailed breakdown of all UK economic activity over the past five years. This was then refined a number of times by credit worthiness, company size, employee number and financial health.

What was the search outcome?

From DAG, CEO Sean Kiernan

“We engaged mnAI to provide a detailed understanding of the UK SME market ahead of our banking licence application. In conjunction with our lending criteria, they quickly provided insight on 59,000 UK companies that matched our requirements, along with detailed industry analysis in support of our application. We were delighted with their support.”

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