Data that drives
decision making

10 billion+

Data Points

mnAI is the most comprehensive source for UK company data. With 100m+ data points added every week, we ensure you’re always up to date.


Governance Records

From annual accounts to shareholder details, all UK company statutory records have been amalgamated, digitalised and visualised.



mnAI autonomously tracks directors, shareholders, officers and PSC profiles in real time, creating rich insight with mapped connections that couldn’t be replicated by human touch.

8 million+

UK Companies

From contact details to the latest news and industry changes, we ensure your initial search process is concluded in minutes not months.

5 minute


mnAI gives financial specialists the tools needed to turn what would have been months of manual research into a 5 minute process with our industry leading company data platform.

Our solution significantly enhances proprietary deal sourcing and portfolio value creation.

Thousands of web crawlers scan the internet, capturing relevant company data such as financial, governance, social media, online reviews, websites and more.

We add over 100m data points a week to the platform.

Our natural language processing and machine learning algorithms organise the data in a way that makes sense.

We combine and aggregate our data to create proprietary insight that you craft to suit your needs.

Dig Deeper

mnAI allows individuals and companies to improve productivity and enhance operations. By using billions of data points on millions of companies, our search facility is the worlds most advanced of its kind for UK Industry, company data and director/shareholder information.

Company Data
Get the complete picture on public and private companies – from competitors and peers to cap tables and financials.
View the networks established by directors and companies and analyse the connections made.


See the key financials for over 4m UK companies, the metrics that support their growth, predictions on future growth and much more.


Access in depth information on the professionals within the organisation including other known board seats, shareholdings, contact details and LinkedIn profiles.


Understand more about the investors, their experiences and learn more about what industries and companies they invest in.


Discover actionable insights and trends hidden within the financial, governance and online profiles of more than five million companies. mnAI brings disruptive change to business development, idea generation and target acquisition, bringing real time insights and decision analytics to your strategy and execution.


Growing institutionally financed and non-financed privately held companies, early and late stage VC backed companies or private, leverage and/ or, secondary buy-out opportunities with integrated API and CSV export functionality.

M&A Software

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