How Capital Plus partners use mnAI to accelerate corporate finance operations

Capital Plus Partners

Capital Plus Partners - Piers Denne

As a team of corporate financiers, across sell-side, buy-side and capital raising, mnAI provides our team with a one stop platform to find acquisition targets, UK industry, Director and other detailed company information.

  • The process of streamlining company searches is saving us hours and hours of daily manual searches and ultimately cost.

  • Key industry insights provided through automated search function.

  • Company / target financial data, on a slick user interface easy to read and interpret.

  • The majority of data on the platform is also exportable via CSV and PDF format so that we can present and adapt data as required.

  • It streamlines our due diligence process, making it easier/simpler to give a top level assessment of a corporate client’s financial health.

  • It also provided clear historic data of relevant competition to our client companies, which can normally be hard to find.

Another innovative function we are finding highly useful is the Director network mapping tool. This enables us to identify and target associated / linked companies through listed directors, streamlining our origination process by enabling us to identify the correct company/ person to approach within that organisation.

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