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From the analysis of specific companies, industries and sectors to understanding the SME landscape of the UK, mnAI provides educational institutions and organisations with unrivalled insight to power their SME research on a single platform.

Business research

Why organisations choose mnAI to power research:

7+ Million UK Companies

Our software provides a complete view on the entire unlisted market of UK companies, allowing for research analysis across all UK industries.

Single Data Source

Multiple sources of data lead to confusion and fatigue. The mnAI platform solves this by combining all the main sources of publicly available UK company data.

Proprietary Algorithms

Our proprietary algorithms help deliver insight like never before, from gender analysis of companies to entire regions across the UK.

Big Data Advantage

Our data can be used to predict favourable corporate or investment conditions for other global economies through to generating proprietary research.

How our data helps power business research

Sensitivity analyses and market position

With 55m+ complete financial records, our algorithms contain the largest single data source on UK company activity. By studying all the variables and the possible outcomes based on historical, true data, important decisions can be made about businesses, the economy, and about investment decisions.

National, regional and local industry trends

With real time updates, mnAI can help identify trends on a macro or micro level, nationally, regionally or on a local basis across 350+ variables controlled by your specific target criteria. We’ll remove the noise so that you can focus on what’s important to you.

Corporate, director, industry and sector success factors

mnAI can support research requests for investors looking to understand more about the composition and make-up of the UK’s most successful companies within any given industry or location and apply this to any global market.

Fraud detection

mnAI provides granular views of a company’s financial and governance structure. When run in conjunction with our predictive models, this enables us to flag behavioural patterns that deviate from industry or historical norms.

Gender, age and nationality analysis

Using our advanced algorithms, we have the ability to generate gender based observations to support research on the composition of male/male, male/female, female/female and female/male teams across any location, industry, sector or combination thereof.

'' Wharton wanted in-depth data on c500 private equity investment deals over a 20-year period to track how capital events influenced the financial performance of businesses. ''

The Wharton Business School Case Study

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